RCRA/DOT Hazmat Training Course

For Generators who Manage Hazardous Waste / Sign Manifests,

Drivers, Loaders (90-day, 180-day area).

Limited Seating:
Email for Details
8 am - 5 pm
Fullerton Marriott
$275 Includes 8 hour training and new Compliance Book
available on  October 9 and November 9,

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who must comply with California's laws and regulations management / Transportation:

* CDL drivers w/ hazmat endorsement
* Transporters of hazardous materials
* Generators who sign manifests.
* On-site hazardous waste operators and managers
* TSDF operators
* Waste brokers
* Compliance managers

What You'll Learn:

How to manage hazardous waste in California, all the latest regulatory changes, plus receive updates on key legislative and DTSC actions. 

* How to complete the new 2018 manifest
* How to mark containers;(California & DOT)
* How to label containers;(California / DOT)
* How to placard bulk packages and trucks
* Training requires mandated by the DOT
* Training requirements mandated by California
* How to identify hazardous substances
* Container & Tank Rules in California
* Emergency response procedures
* Segregation of chemicals
* Empty Containers
* Universal Wastes
* Spill containment
* Truck driver safety

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